Green Thumb

Direct from the garden, with no additives and no harmful pesticides, our organic vegetable, herb and flower plants are grown with love, care and good, healthy soil. Order online and decorate your home with high-quality plants, delivered right at your home!

With the growing, alarming rate of pollution created by plastic everyday, we feel the need to make our part and avoid the use of plastic. Your deliveries will be hand-packaged with bio-degradable packaging, giving roots to our Green Thumb Initiative.

We hope you will help us spread the word and make the Green Thumb Initiative a success.

How can you help?
For every ₹ 1,000 donated, Plantisserie uses it to plant a tree and spread more oxygen to combat pollution.
If you choose the organic gift boxes instead of the standard plastic packaging during your checkout, your lungs will thank you for helping them breathe usable oxygen through the trees we plant.
How can you donate?